Seguimos elaborando el producto de la manera más artesanal posible:
Selection of raw ingredients: the best lean meat and cuts (hams, loins, pancetta, legs and rump of beef), selection of the varieties of paprika and pepper, natural casings and all of the best possible quality...
The first chopping of the lean meat is done by hand (so that in the chorizo you can perfectly appreciate which cut has been used, the “secreto”, “pluma”, “presa”...)
Holm oak wood embers are used during the drying process to add a touch of smokiness.
Curing in natural drying rooms and cellars, allowing all the time the product needs to reach its optimum maturing point.
Aplicación manual de manteca y aceite de oliva a las piezas de jamón y cecina durante su estancia en los secaderos, lo que las protege de forma natural además de aportar mayor variedad de matices en sabor
We make a variety of smoked cured ham using a wood burning ‘chiminea’ to create holm oak embers