Ham / Shoulder

Ham / Shoulder

The ham (jamٴón) is the cut made from the back leg of the pig. The “paleta” comes from the front leg of the animal.

After a period of salting and curing, you get this incomparable product.

Here at Casalba we observe lengthy curing times in a natural drying room and cellar. This process depends on the size of the cut (the bigger it is, the more time it needs), the salting (the lower the grade of salt, the longer it takes) and the type of ham (the fattier it is, the longer the drying time).

Acorn-fed Cured Ham

100% Iberian breed

Acorn-fed Iberian Cured Ham

50% Iberian breed

Vintage Acorn-fed Iberian Cured Ham

50% Iberian breed, vintage

Serralba Ham

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Smoked Jamón Serralba

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